Swan Heaven!

Swan Heaven!

This lovely trumpeter swan has arrived in Yukon, landing at Swan Haven on Marsh Lake for a rest. The return of the swans means spring has arrived at last and we Yukoners get a bit giddy when we hear their cries overhead.
This piece forms part of my new spring line; I’ve stepped a bit away from jewelry to make these whimsical pieces of driftwood, wire and paper. I think I will call the line Twisted Whimsy, but if you have a better idea please… comment! If you’re interested in buying a piece, please email me at


More SPRING to celebrate!

More SPRING to celebrate!

I am seriously a fool at this time of year. I am giddy and giggly and smile at random people all the time. The sun is up from before I wake up until almost 10 o’clock at night now, and that leaves LOTS of hours of time to create and be active. I can’t STOP making these little sculptures… they just make me happy.


Twisted Designs Fall 2013


Gorgeous fall colours in these luscious glass beads. Orange, white, yellow, and browns swirl together to make something truly unique and wonderful. The beads are on handmade copper pins and hang from beautiful hammered copper hooks, shaped by me and tumbled for strength and shine. These are really cool…


These are so much fun. Lovely little faceted dyed jade beads in a delicious bright pink wrapped with sterling silver, dangling from my handmade sterling silver ear hooks. Dainty and small (about 1 inch total length these are great for bopping around in for yourself or would make a great gift for a young lady just itching for her first dangly earrings. Light weight and cheerful… you’ll love them.

IMG_6052 IMG_6048 IMG_6045


Swirling Sterling, pearls and tumbled green glass

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More work for an order going out this weekend. It’s nice to be back in the studio after almost a year of waiting for the creative forces to slap me upside the head again. I missed it, I’ve discovered. There’s a calm that comes from sitting quietly, door closed, turning beautiful things into different beautiful things. I never know when I start working with a stone or a bead or a chunk of silver or glass exactly what I’ll end up with, and that works best for me. I generally like the “as I go” creations better than those I design with pen and paper first. More spontaneous, more fluid somehow. Anyway, I will bid farewell to this and all the recent work I’ve done tomorrow… glad to deliver the order, always a bit melancholic to see things go out the door.