Keep your opinions, Ugly Canadian!


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I seem to have tangled myself up in a very heated debate with the American right wing, or at least a handful of folks who are pretty pissed that I chose to participate in a discussion that’s none of my business, being a Canadian and all. I responded to a post on a wordpress blog; the reblogging (I now understand) of a letter written by a marine to US Senator Dianne Feinstein. My comments were questioning the adamant refusal by so many in the US to register their weapons. I am one of those who supports the idea of a gun registry both in Canada and wherever guns are frequently in the hands of private citizens. It seems fair to me that, just as I register my dog, my car, and my trailer I should be willing to register a deadly weapon in my possession.

My comments were not appreciated, on any level. There is no debate. There can be no opposing views. There is no room for discussion or dissent. I should keep my $*#! socialist views to myself and keep my nose out of their country’s constitutional discussions. One comment urged me to get back to my Tim Horton’s and my maple syrup. Fair enough.

But it’s such a different way of viewing the world, so very different. Most Canadians I know are pretty engaged in what’s going on in the US as well as Canada. We feel invested in the political situation in the US and we have opinions about what we hear. So much of our media and culture are American that it’s sometimes hard to really draw a line between “us” and “them”.

So. I guess I’ll do my best to keep my views on this side of the border.

The US has fallen over the cliff. No, really.

fiscal cliff

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I have heard the Republicans say they were victorious in recent days and I’ve heard folks saying the Democrats were successful. What a bunch of bull*#!&. ┬áThere have been talk shows, call in programs and pundits and so on pontificating and stringing yarn for days. What I just heard though made me really pissed off.

There’s a Republican on CBC now, Rand Paul from Kentucky. He argues against an increase in taxes on the wealthy because…as happened in Britain (he says)… THE RICH WILL JUST LEAVE THE COUNTRY. Are you kidding me? They’ll just take their toys and go home?! Oh for the love of dog give me a break.

This Canadian pays taxes. I think it’s fair that the more I earn, the more I pay. I wish it didn’t have to be so but hell….I like paved roads and public schools and my life saving Tommy Douglas-care. I think the Americans are starting to cannibalize themselves and it just makes me shake my head. Are you for real?

I know some of you are going to froth over this post. Not sorry. Somehow the idea of a leftist approach like sharing (!!!) makes a lot of Americans and somehow a lot of Christian Canadians nervous. Sharing, people. Just like your mama taught you. Share. SHARE.

Ommmmm. Time for a glass of wine and some camembert. I would share with you Americans, but French cheese isn’t allowed into the US. And you should be thankful that the French taxation system isn’t allowed in either.

Happy Thursday. Jeeeeeez.