Dizzy Druzy Weak in the Knees

Dizzy Druzy Weak in the Knees

Love love love this strand of gorgeous asymmetrical Druzy stones I got last week. I paired this one with sterling wire, a few gorgeous Swarovski crystals and the most incredible silver pearls. Swoon! This may make it to my Etsy store (linked), or it may be scooped up before I can post it.


Swirling Sterling, pearls and tumbled green glass

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More work for an order going out this weekend. It’s nice to be back in the studio after almost a year of waiting for the creative forces to slap me upside the head again. I missed it, I’ve discovered. There’s a calm that comes from sitting quietly, door closed, turning beautiful things into different beautiful things. I never know when I start working with a stone or a bead or a chunk of silver or glass exactly what I’ll end up with, and that works best for me. I generally like the “as I go” creations better than those I design with pen and paper first. More spontaneous, more fluid somehow. Anyway, I will bid farewell to this and all the recent work I’ve done tomorrow… glad to deliver the order, always a bit melancholic to see things go out the door.