Well…it seems my mumbling and sighing and sputtering to myself has turned into a blog. I remember a few  years ago hearing the term blog for the first time and laughing. What the hell is  blog? Is it a noun? A verb? Oh… it’s both?  It’s actually ridiculously fun to say… especially if you puff your cheeks out and say it quickly, way back in your throat (I KNOW you’re trying it now).

Anyway, I’m happy you’ve dropped by. I won’t try not to offend you. I won’t try to make you laugh or impress you. The voice inside my head has its own place to live at last… thank goodness. It’s crowded up there sometimes!

I’m a mom, an activist, and a very opinionated broad. I am “that parent” if you’re a doctor, and I’m probably somebody you want on speed dial if you need back-up in your corner. I’m ferocious at times, occasionally to my detriment. I am pretty funny when I am comfortable with you but ridiculously shy at cocktail parties. Go figure.



4 thoughts on “About

  1. I read you because you are opinionated. I am very decisive myself. I enjoy reading opinionated people because when a person is sure of them self, it makes them so much more believable. I too used to hear the word blog and just wonder what kind of people did this type of thing.

    Then one day I got to wondering; how will the world be able to rotate, function, or survive without the benefit of my counsel. If I don’t explain all of the things that make no sense or the people that the world can do without, then who will do it.

    I proudly answered the call. Now, does that make me a superhero, well yes it does

    I ask for nothing for myself. I will live a life or poverty and dis pare for the sake of the earth. No one on this planet shall ever be sheltered from pearls of wisdom I freely impart. Because I am TOM NARDONE, and I am a fountain of insight, Drink from me.

    Nice to meet you Debora.:)

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