Making my Adventure Miracle!

I am about to land in Tokyo – I am about to be in Japan. For real. The miracle of that…the straight up miracle of the fact that 14 hours ago I stood in my friend Karen’s groovy Vancouver kitchen! 14 hours ago we said good morning and I pressed a button for a latte to make itself and now JAL flight 017 is on its final descent into Tokyo…in JAPAN! ME!!

We are still above the clouds…landing in about 15 minutes, says the careful voice of the Japanese flight attendant over the PA. When we lifted off in Vancouver I found myself suddenly, unexpectedly in tears… wet surprising trails of surprised delight across my cheeks. The reality of this… this trip i hardly dared trust would really happen…rushed in on a wave of gratitude and joy.

The wheels are lowering beneath me now…groaning in anticipation of our return to hard pavement from this blue sky miracle highway.

I am so thankful. This is real…I am landing in Tokyo. I am making an adventure. Yes.

And now I am here in Tokyo airport…girls in kilts and people in face masks, talking robots and news about….Trump, Clinton and Cruz. Smallish world, still miraculous!

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