Has the dark side won?

Hey Whitehorse? What happened that we think it’s okay to be just rude? I mean really really rude, publicly really rude and disrespectful of each other? We talk all the time about the need to join forces against bullying, about protecting each other and creating safe places. So… what’s this about?

Why do I see more and more Facebook groups called “Shit Parkers of Whitehorse”, “Superstore Whitehorse Sucks”, “Cinemas in Whitehorse Suck” and so on. I get that people may be dissatisfied with the service or the situation but really?

Think about Superstore for a minute, everyone yelling that they don’t have what you want on the shelves. They are trying to fill an enormously increased need with no increase in storage space… how can they do it without upsetting their customers? The people who work there are doing their best to keep things as seamless as they can…remember that, please?

And those shit parkers? Hell, that could be any one of us on a bad day. How will you feel when your car, with your bumper sticker or little family decal on the rear window shows up on that page? I know maybe it feels harmless but feels like we’re sliding further from common decency and respect.

I know, Pollyanna wishes. I’m as cranky as the next person sometimes (maybe too often). I guess even this blog post is me allowing gravity to pull me down a bit too. Oh well. Can’t fight it?

One thought on “Has the dark side won?

  1. I was doing a search about the Superstore Whitehorse Sucks Facebook page and happened upon your blog. I totally agree with your perspective and I am comforted to know that others agree. The administrators of “Superstore Whitehorse Sucks” facebook group kicked me out when I pointed out the accusatory and adversarial tone of their comments. I guess they don’t have a thick enough skin to hear divergent view points that counter their negative narrative.

    I agree that things are not perfect at the store but also appreciate the huge investment they made in the Yukon when they built their store and the many Yukoners that were employed in its construction. The Yukon is a sparsely populated region at the end of the supply chain with a tenuous boom and bust economy. Superstore invested in our region at a time when the economy was very bad. I remember and still appreciate that.

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