I think I can’t…I know I CAN!


It’s great when you’re good at something; when you can just sort of wave your hand and things turn out magically wonderful. There is probably a degree of satisfaction in that, in being… well, good.  It’s freaking AMAZING when you’re no good at something but you keep doing it anyway. When you just keep smashing your head bloody-mindedly against your lack of skill, persevering, swearing, starting over and just doing it anyway.

Until. Until somehow, suddenly, unbelievably, you can. You can actually do the thing you couldn’t. What was impossible, frustratingly impossible is actually possible. And eventually, easy. Or at least do-able.

When that happens, it’s a different kind of pride. It’s a different sort of satisfaction than when you do something that’s no big deal. It feels good, it feels GREAT to do something you never dreamed you could actually do.

I’ve been working in my jewellery studio (also known as the spare bedroom where things with no home go to die). I’ve been working on new techniques; soldering, working with my torch and solder paste, sheet solder, bits and pieces and angles and fire and smoke and butane and mapp gas (I hope my insurance guy isn’t reading this…).

And I love it. I even love that I can’t remember a damn thing I learned 22 years ago when I took a silver smithing course. I am literally teaching myself as I go, with the occasional help of YouTube and the kind folks out there who share their wisdom.

I love doing. I love learning and doing. It’s a powerful rush for me to accomplish something, even something small. I do measure my days by jobs done & tasks accomplished. A day like today when I have actually accomplished something difficult, something new, something that makes me proud…that’s a very very good day.

And actually, I think the swearing helps the process. Really!

4 thoughts on “I think I can’t…I know I CAN!

  1. Yes. To do do something. To accomplish something, is always a reward particularly when it is the first time or has been a long time since you have done it.

    In my job I teach people to be heroes. I work at the Home Depot and there is nothing more rewarding than to teach somebody and help somebody to believe they are capable of something that they never even considered before.

    On a personal note you have inspired a post. I thank you for that and I will most likely be linking back to this great story for the benefit of my readers.

    And you were right about another thing. One of the best tools you can have in your bag is a diverse range of quality curse words, and the skills to colorfully arrange them in a way that makes you feel good. I don’t know how it is possible to replace a toilet without them.

    • Tom Nardone, I just listened to an interview with a Detroit hero who has stolen your name. He and a band of roving lawn tractor drivers are roaming the city mowing the lawns of parks the City has shuttered due to their financial crisis. Cool.

  2. HAHAHAHAHA YES YES, That is my good friend Tom Nardone. He is more than just a great guy who for the sake of the children mows the lawns for parks. He is also a 3 time New York best-selling author and every year he makes TV appearances on shows like the Conan O’brien show, Regis and Kelly, and on and on. He writes books about different ways to carve pumpkins. He is one HELL of a Tom Nardone, and I am proud to share a name with him.

    Thanks Debora,

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