Just sit DOWN, woman!


One recent morning I sat down at my kitchen table to savour my first cup of coffee of the day.

Yes, that is news. I sat down at my table. With coffee. To drink it. In one place. While doing nothing else but drinking my coffee.

As I sat there, uncharacteristically still, I realized I don’t remember ever doing that before. In the ten years I’ve lived in that house I don’t remember ever just sitting still to enjoy my coffee. As a rule, I grab my mug, race to shower, sip it while drying my hair, lose the mug when I go to the laundry room, find it again when I retrace my steps and finally throw it in the microwave to warm it, losing it again.

I’ll find the mug that night when I’m thawing something, or steaming some veggies. I discard the contents… two thirds of a mug full of a nasty, cold, bitter creamy brew.

I think this is something I need to work on. I have no excuse to be as busy as I am. I am sure there are many many working moms who find time to sit in calm reflection before they hit the ground running each day. No, that was NOT a joke… I’m sure there must be some out there somewhere….

Taking those few minutes each day to calmly begin, to contemplatively warm up my mind before I kick start my schedule has to be good, no? I am sure if I found time for that, I would be more creative & focused, kinder, with more patience and resilience.



But at least my coffee would be hot ’til the last drop…


4 thoughts on “Just sit DOWN, woman!

  1. I get up before anyone else does and drink my coffee. I sit in my chair ansjdk oh never mind. The truth is that i do enjoy my coffee in silence but unless i have to go to work, i dont really do a hell of a lot else. Get a thermos mug. It will all be perfect one day. Great post. I love your attitude about the commotion in your life.

  2. I usually drink my first coffee in bed while checking out all the internet shit that went on while I was asleep, the second cup is consumed while showering and getting ready, I never finish it because it ends up being cold with at least three 8 inch hairs in it…yum.

  3. This morning I sat in bed with my coffee. I practically had to WILL myself to stay put. My insides were already racing around the house while my body remained… it was very stressful. It’s not supposed to be stressful is it?

  4. Katie Renee says:

    My ritual consists of sitting at my desk with a bagel and ignoring the constant ringing of the phones from 8:00 to 8:10. The smallest things can make the most difference. In fact, if I don’t have my bagel I will spend my morning glaring at anyone who puts anything in my “to-do” pile. It scares the patients, so we can’t have that… đŸ˜‰

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