Swirling Sterling, pearls and tumbled green glass

photo (2)     photo (1)

More work for an order going out this weekend. It’s nice to be back in the studio after almost a year of waiting for the creative forces to slap me upside the head again. I missed it, I’ve discovered. There’s a calm that comes from sitting quietly, door closed, turning beautiful things into different beautiful things. I never know when I start working with a stone or a bead or a chunk of silver or glass exactly what I’ll end up with, and that works best for me. I generally like the “as I go” creations better than those I design with pen and paper first. More spontaneous, more fluid somehow. Anyway, I will bid farewell to this and all the recent work I’ve done tomorrow… glad to deliver the order, always a bit melancholic to see things go out the door.

2 thoughts on “Swirling Sterling, pearls and tumbled green glass

  1. Holy shit! I love those! Are those things you’ve made? They’re beautiful! I’m an art guy, (I’ll bet you never saw that coming) and stuff like this is what get me going. Shoot me a link to your website, and I’ll post it on my blog. Better yet, my friend Essa does these interviews on her blog to showcase some of her followers. If you’re up for it, I could interview you, and let you tell all 6 of my followers about your work!

    • Hey thanks Joe. Yes, I make these things but have been out of my studio for almost a year. I’ll let you know when I have some things available to show (all shown are for delivery to a local gallery).

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