Very Inspiring Blogger Award. That’s right. You read that…


Well! I want to thank Jennifer of for nominating me for this lovely award. Jennifer’s blog is called Something of a Dreamer. I like that title…

She says:  “Happy New Year! I recently began reading your blog and love the voice, humor and thoughtfulness it projects. Thanks for the lovely words you share, and in turn, I nominated you for this little “award” – my way of saying that I’ll be a constant reader from now on!”

You should really check out her blog. It’s great… funny, real, and yeah… I have always been sure the treadmill is going to throw me at the back wall.

So the rules of this award (rules?!) indicate I must perform several rituals which include revealing 7 facts about myself.


  • Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog. Done and done.
  • List seven random things about yourself.
  • Nominate other blogs.
  • Notify the nominees.
  • Put the award logo on your blog.

The rules do NOT specify the nature of these facts; salacious? true? weird? freaky? questionable? awe-inspiring? Well, there are few enough of the latter so I’ll start with weird.

1. I have lived in the capital cities of all three of Canada’s Northern Territories. Not shitting you. Each one, moving eastward, is colder than the hounds of hell (aren’t the hounds of hell supposed to be cold?… wait…WHY would the hounds of hell be cold?). Hmmm.

2. I have had BABIES in all but 1 of the three northern capitals. What.. that’s too close to the first fact? No it’s not… my HUSBAND has also lived in all three and he has not delivered children in any of them, so it’s a decent enough fact.

3. I am a Certified Yukon Master Gardener. Well, I was… I don’t know how long that certification lasts. Given the state of my perennial borders I shouldn’t broadcast that actually. REVOKE!!!!

4. Wayne Gretzky stepped on my toe. Yes, he did so. In a bar in Banff Alberta back in 1980-something. Janet was there… sitting at the back of the bar looking all pretty & girlfriend-ish. The Canadian team had just whooped Russia’s ass in Calgary so they drove on up to the Silver City Saloon in Banff to step on some Canadian feet. All true.

5. I sang as the opening act for Blue Rodeo and Colin James, two separate concerts, two separate cities, way back in the “day”. That was the day when I was young, cool, skinny, and a pseudo (northern Canadian) rocker chic. I sang in a cool band. Also true.

6. I think 7 facts is probably too many to share; I really don’t know you very well.

7. When I moved to the North, my ACTUAL goal was to move to Mexico for a year. Yeah… helluva  wrong turn. Took a cool sounding job, moved north for “a year”. When people tell you they are going north for “a year”, do NOT believe them. Never happens.

Rule #3: Nominate other  blogs.

I’d like to nominate:  This is a GREAT blog, written by an awesome friend of mine named Donna. She is kind of a kick ass awesome chic, so mind your p’s & q’s. And keep your DAMN hands off her mustangs 🙂   The name pretty much says it all… as the mother of 3 teens I have been known to chant WTF (in its full, spelled out form) like a pissed off gregorian mother….     Obviously. This one’s a no-brainer. You’re probably already following her and if you’re not, well I’m just sorry. You should be too. Get over there now; you’ll thank me.

So there you go! My nominator linked, my 7 facts,  the lovely Contest Award Logo shared with one and all… I’m DONE!!!! YAY!!!


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