Keep your opinions, Ugly Canadian!


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I seem to have tangled myself up in a very heated debate with the American right wing, or at least a handful of folks who are pretty pissed that I chose to participate in a discussion that’s none of my business, being a Canadian and all. I responded to a post on a wordpress blog; the reblogging (I now understand) of a letter written by a marine to US Senator Dianne Feinstein. My comments were questioning the adamant refusal by so many in the US to register their weapons. I am one of those who supports the idea of a gun registry both in Canada and wherever guns are frequently in the hands of private citizens. It seems fair to me that, just as I register my dog, my car, and my trailer I should be willing to register a deadly weapon in my possession.

My comments were not appreciated, on any level. There is no debate. There can be no opposing views. There is no room for discussion or dissent. I should keep my $*#! socialist views to myself and keep my nose out of their country’s constitutional discussions. One comment urged me to get back to my Tim Horton’s and my maple syrup. Fair enough.

But it’s such a different way of viewing the world, so very different. Most Canadians I know are pretty engaged in what’s going on in the US as well as Canada. We feel invested in the political situation in the US and we have opinions about what we hear. So much of our media and culture are American that it’s sometimes hard to really draw a line between “us” and “them”.

So. I guess I’ll do my best to keep my views on this side of the border.

6 thoughts on “Keep your opinions, Ugly Canadian!

  1. SwampMatt says:

    I would invite you to stay, but maybe compromise and read posts twice, with an open mind. WHY are you anti-gun? What is the specific reason you don’t like weapons? Personally, I think you are a good person. Just like the pro gun people are good people. We have a difference of opinion on the best way to protect our families. You are obviously intelligent. I’d like to hear more about WHY you feel the way you do. And I’ll be honest with you: The reason I want to know why is because I want to try to understand other anti-gun people who may not be as literate as you are. When I understand the anti-gun mentality, maybe I’ll be able to convince them of my pro-gun viewpoint.

  2. melodyrwm52 says:

    Interesting that you didn’t post a link to the original discussion so folks could decide for themselves whether or not their was no debate. From my POV, you offered your opinion more than once with regard to gun registration, and nobody agreed with you. However, you weren’t banned. When one of the commenters asked you to leave, another pointed out that everyone was welcome to voice their opinion.

    If you’re really interested in a debate rather than trying to provoke, try reading the article below (including the links therein) and get back to us when you can provide evidence that gun registration doesn’t lead to confiscation. Ask the Jews and Australians how registration worked out for them.

    As for the U.S., we have done more to spread freedom in the world than any country on earth, not to mention the millions of dollars in aid provided. We make up just 4.5% of the world’s population, yet we donate nearly a 1/4 all global foreign aid—more than twice as much as any other country.

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