Getting it done!

This morning I am looking at the havoc wreaked overnight by a hurricane of a more local and more loveable kind. My son brought friends home, late. They cooked. They slept. They sure didn’t clean.  It’s a strange and disorienting thing waking to an entirely different landscape, especially when you aren’t even sure whether it’s 8:30, 9:30 or 10:30 in the morning. It’s easy to be annoyed and frustrated too. Oddly though, I’m kind of happy to see the mess. It means they got home safely and stayed. It means they didn’t go on through the night doing whatever they might have done out there. They’re here, in my house, sleeping. And I’m grateful.

Funny weekend…lots of getting things done. I LOVE when things are done. I’m a list maker…even if the list is just in my head. Two biggish items are now scratched off and a third is nearing that status.

Small triumphs this weekend; kids in my house, messes cleaned, jobs completed. And today, a hike with a friend. That’s a good weekend.

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