Mr. Leef, do you have something to say?

Mr. Leef:
I heard you talking this morning on CBC radio at length about something very few Yukoners are discussing… mixed martial arts. What a waste of air time, what a waste of an opportunity. We Yukoners are talking about the China Investment Treaty, and we are talking about fracking. We are talking about your leader’s new omnibus bill. You knew we’d be talking about those things, you understand that the real issues are what concern us here and yet you avoid any opportunity to open the dialogue with us and instead of addressing the genuine concerns of your thoughtful constituency you talked about MMA… we don’t care about MMA.
We do care about our country, and our sovereignty and about the sneaky way that Mr. Harper keeps trying to trick us into swallowing dirty legislation.
You won’t likely have a second term and I’m sure you know it… perhaps that’s why you are so concerned about making sure you get your single issue dealt with this term. You are an invisible MP. I know you’ve been invited to many events where you simply haven’t appeared. I know a lot of Yukoners have waited to hear you speak about all these important issues. Instead, when we finally hear your voice, it’s about the one issue that moves you. MMA. How disappointing.
I hope you read the letter attached above, sent to Mr. Harper and ignored. I hope you make use of the many opportunities afforded you to communicate with your constituency in a meaningful way. I know we will listen with interest.
Ranting Raver

2 thoughts on “Mr. Leef, do you have something to say?

  1. I received a disappointing, if almost immediate reply from Mr. Leef’s office:

    Dear Ranting Raver:

    Thank you very much for taking the time to write to our office, I will be sure to share your email with Mr. Leef. It may interest you to know that when media organize interviews(such as A New Day with Sandi Coleman) they are the ones that direct the topic of discussion. I would encourage you to write to them with the same points so that they better cover the topics that you believe are more newsworthy and relevant to Yukoners. That said our office would be more than happy to have a dialogue with you about some of the issues that concern you.

    Kind Regards,

    Kay Richter
    Executive Assistant/Chief of Staff
    Ryan Leef, MP
    tel: 613.995.9368

  2. Dear Ranting Raver and Kay Richter, Executive Assistant/Chief of Staff for Ryan Leef, MP Yukon.

    CBC Yukon would love to interview Ryan Leef regarding the China Investment Treaty, omnibus legislation and fracking. Please drop me a note at and we’ll set something up.

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